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MULCINDO GUARD RAIL provides the solution towards problems arisen by highway construction. In other words, MULCINDO GUARD RAIL reduces fatal accidents. MULCINDO GUARD RAIL WHICH have certification of SNI 07-0950-1989 & 19-0405-1989 from Industrial Department is made of high quality steel to obtain maximum strength and flexibility required. Because of the maximum strength and the prime flexibility, the Guard Rail is able to hold hard shaking and absorb most kinetic energy, so that :

  • Vehicles will not fling out.
  • Vehicles will be redirected parallel to the road.
  • It prevents strong shaking and reduces accidents
as illustrated below:

gr car1

Guard Rail with maximum strength and continuous flexibility will redirect the car parallel to the Guard Rail. The bolts are made flat so as to avoid sharp protruding parts along the Guard Rail. Where there is no Guard Rail being fixed, cars going beyoned the lane will easily fling out, knocking on coming vehicles. Where there is no Guard Rail, the car will fling outside the lane, thus causing fatal accidents.

gr car 2

Production Capacity

50.000 Mí / month

Spesifikasi Teknis

  1. Effective length : 4 m
  2. Thickness : 2.67 mm with Tolerance to 0.08 mm and 0.15 mm
  3. Hot dip galvanized

Minimum Average Coating Thickness :

  • T.2.67 mm = 460 gr/m2 (65 micron)
  • T.4.50 mm = 530 gr/m2 (75 micron)
  • T.5.0 & 6.0 mm = 600 gr/m2 (85 micron)
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Standard : ASTM A 123


The installation can be easily done, as shown in the picture, without any special expertise. Because of its winding shape, the Guard Rail looks suitable and attractive.

gr pas 1

gr pas 2

gr pas 3

Part no Part name Material Size Quantity
1 W-Beam Selection ASTM A 36 / Gr-50 B 312 x 83 x 2.67 N
2 Steel Block ASTM A 36 / Gr-50 B U175 x 75-350 L x t 2N+1
3 Steel Post ASTM A 36 / Gr-50 B U175 x 75-1800 L x t 2N+1
4 End Block ASTM A 36 / Gr-50 B 410 x 225 x 2.67 - 700 L 2
5 Hexagon bolt ASTM A 325 M16 x 35(W 5/8"x1 1/4") 4N+2
6 Fastener ASTM A 36 4.5 x 45 x 75 2N+1
7 Splice Bolt ASTM A 307 M16 x 40(W 5/8"x1 1/4") 8N+8
8 Splice Bolt ASTM A 307 M16 x 45(W 5/8"x1 3/4") 2N+1
t = 4.5 , 5.0 , 6.0

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